YouTube Login – Saves Logins Automatically

Handy Password manager is a perfect software to prevent the loss of youtube login and password. Handy Password keep password information automatically once you enter the site. Next time you enter the site Handy Password auto-fills your login and password automatically.

Handy Password could be installed to USB Flash drive and works like portable password keeper. It is very comfortable to access your internet services accounts from any PC for example in internet-cafe. Just insert your USB key and you are in.

You can feel absolutely safe because your youtube login data is protected by strong 128-bit encryption. Access to password database is protected by master-password. Instead of saving password in browser with safe password manager your password couldn’t be stolen by spyware or keylogger.

Handy Password also provides such useful features to save your time as automatically filling out web forms, quick entering accounts using bookmark manager and such handy ability as built-in random password generator.

Download free 30-day trial Handy Password version right now to evaluate all youtube login protection advantages!

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Handy Password box
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