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It's hardly possible to memorize twenty different complicated passwords. That is why people use some methods to make managing passwords easy. The most general of them include:

  • Using one password for everything. This method is not very safe: if one account is broken, all the other are under great risk;
  • Writing passwords down. Should it be a text file on your computer or a paper sheet, this way to manage passwords lacks convenience. Hard list is easy to lose or destroy, while a text file is not very easy to use on other's computers;
  • Using a browser password and login manager. They are very convenient, but they store your information without any protection from unauthorized access - so anyone who uses your computer, can see it;
  • Special manager passwords software. These programs (e.g. Handy Password) can offer you a large set of features for your comfort and confidence. Read about Handy Password features...

Handy Password is the perfect tool if you have to remember a lot of passwords, including windows passwords, PIN codes, credit card numbers and other. Multi-user compelling interface make it a realistic password manager solution, if your computer is used by more that one person.

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Save Myspace login with Handy Password Yahoo login storage with Handy Password Hotmail login and password recovery and saving with Handy Password Bank of America Online Banking Sign in
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