Filling multiple forms with Handy Password Manager

Novosoft is pleased to announce that a new feature of Handy Password manager is going to be available soon.

We are happy to announce that a new feature of Handy Password, which greatly expands the program functionality, is on the way. With the help of this new feature you will be able to fill in multiple forms anywhere on the Web. Today Internet offers an infinite amount of services including online shopping and e-commerce. With just a couple of mouse clicks, you can get yourself a new pair of shoes, a painting by Michelangelo, a bunch of blue chip shares and even a car. However, while completing an Internet transaction you are always required to fill in multiple forms.

Enjoy multiple form filling with Handy Password!

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Network Password Manager
Automatic saving of open pages
Password recovery
Handy Password for Netscape
Handy Password for the Avant browser
Handy Password for Macintosh OS
Handy Password for Linux OS
Handy Password for PDA
Handy Password - Data Synchronization
Backup Handy Password
Handy Password for LAN
Online Password Storing
Multiple Form Filling
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Handy Password manager screenshots

Save Myspace login with Handy Password Yahoo login storage with Handy Password Hotmail login and password recovery and saving with Handy Password Bank of America Online Banking Sign in
More screenshots: automatic account login

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