Facebook Login: How to Choose an Account Data and Facebook Sign In

Facebook login and password, as any other data used by Facebook sign in, are not just a matter of taste but of your safety and business reliability, too.

Among all the modern social networks, the popular Facebook has a special position. It is not for information exchange or multimedia presentations only, but for a representation of any particular person in the digital world. So a Facebook account can serve as a personal site, as a file containing curriculum vitae, as a media center or, perhaps, as an evidence of crime. Thus, Facebook account data can somewhere be a vital part of overall security of your personal data in Internet.

Facebook Registration

Facebook.com login page grants an automatic access to the registration form. All you must do to create Facebook account is to enter your first and last name, E-mail (twice for verification), date of birth and gender.

Then invent and enter your Facebook password. As your Facebook profile contains some personal data, as well as personal data of your friends can be easily accessed from Facebook, then we do not recommend you using parts of these personal data as a password. Instead, choose and keep any combination of symbols you can remember or write without a significant risk to lose it.

After a simple registration procedure, you can have Facebook sign in and use an account immediately.

Facebook Sign In Using an Existing Profile

If you have a Facebook profile already, then just sign in using your E-mail (or your phone number) as your Facebook account login. You may also check up an option of keeping you remembered in Facebook, if you’re using a private or trusted computer.

If you want to have Facebook sign in from a mobile device, you have an option of using Facebook mobile application remembering your personal data.

What If I Forgot Facebook Login Data?

If you're just forgot Facebook password, or have other Facebook login problems, then don’t panic! Just click at “Forgot Your Password?” option on a login page, and then sign up any part of your personal Facebook account data, such as E-mail, phone number or name. Facebook will find your account (ensure that search brings a correct result!) and then give you an option to receive a password-changing sequence on your E-mail. The entire procedure of password restoration is a matter of minutes.

If your Faceboo login is recognized as incorrect or blocked, then retrieve a password as described and try to login another time; it is almost always that Facebook unblock your account after that.

Tools and Tips to Secure Your Facebook Login

These are some tips that can help you choose Facebook login and password, and keep it securely for a long time.

  1. Always use "strong" passwords containing an intrinsic combination of upper-case and lower-case letters, numbers and all the symbols permitted.
  2. The simple way to keep all your logins and passwords in a relative safety is to write this information somewhere in secured place. So when you feel you’re just lost your precious Facebook login, you can take all the data needed from your diary or a modest sheet of paper placed among your old bills.
  3. Many specialized software tools dedicated for remembering and protection of your logins and passwords, such as Handy Password, are available on IT market. So to keep your Facebook sign in you may entrust your Facebook profile on this utility, keeping all the data needed effectively and simply.

Facebook login page

Handy Password manager screenshots

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