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Bank of America is one of the Big Four banks in the USA, providing financial services that cover about 80 percent of the country population in all states of U.S. Having more than 50 million bank consumers nationwide, the Bank of America online sign in service is one of most popular US financial structures.

Bank of America Login: Problems of Sign in Online Account

Sometimes users can meet a problem like impossibility of signing into the system with their login and password provided by Bank of America online sign in system. Usually, this problem appears when you have a need to change your temporary Bank of America login or password.

What to Do in his Case?

If the problem persists, it is impossible to solve it by yourself. The most obvious case is that the Bank of America online login system undergoes some technical maintenance, and after a small amount of time you will retry to enter your online Bank of America login and have a success.

  • The best way to solve this situation immediately is to call to the Bank of America account service and ask them for tech support.

Another common problem for Bank of America online sign in actions is forgetting your password.

What to Do if You Forget Your Password?

Bank of America Online Banking

  • Go to the website:
  • Now choose "Forgot Passcode".
  • Follow further instructions (you should have your ATM card number, ATM PIN and your Social Security number to prove your identity for Bank of America online access system).
  • That is all, and all should work perfectly after you finish. Enjoy!

Another way to solve Bank of America online sign in troubles with forgotten password is to go (with some proofs for your identity, indeed) to a local branch of the bank and then allow a manager to help you solve problems with your Bank of America login.

Screenshot of Bank of America website:

Preventing Theft from Online Bank of America Account

Bank of America online sign in system provides a good degree of reliability because of some fraud prevention tools. You can safely continue to use your Bank of America online banking sign in due to the technologies mentioned below:

  1. Authentication system ensures safety of your data and prevents another computer from impersonating Bank of America.
  2. Bank of America login and password have their own encryption system, so none of the extraneous people could read the information.
  3. In a case of registering some attempt to invade during data transfer, the Bank of America online login system immediately drops the connection.

Bank of America Online Banking

Re-entering your login and password into Bank of America online sign in page will eat much of your time. When you initiate new online session after dropping a previous connection, then you must prove your personality again and again with filling the sign form.

Since auto filling options provided by a browser are far from being secure, basically you re-enter your Bank of America login and password manually. It takes about a half of minute, and we are sure that you have much more exciting things you could do instead of putting your login and password into the Bank of America sign up form for the 1000th time?

Now let us talk about security. Every time you type a password using your keyboard, there is a chance that some malware tracks your keys being pressed and stole your personal login data. In addition, there is a theft technique called "phishing": crooks might send you a trustworthy looking email impersonating a Bank of America online login service and leading you to a fake web page to submit your personal data.

Handy Password for Protecting your Bank of America Account

If you have regular problems with Bank of America online sign in , try Handy Password - a convenient and secure password manager that will help you to enter Bank of America online banking system automatically without a single trouble on the user side.

Handy Password:

  • Will remember and securely keep both of your login (ID) and password

Handy Password:

  • It will save all your data from undesirable invasions to your privacy areas

And, finally, the most convenient thing about Handy Password:

  • Secure auto-filling for Bank of America online banking login forms! Just click a button and enjoy!

Handy Password has several advantages, but the most important of them is that it is completely secure and reliable software for keeping most important logins and passwords like Bank of America login. Handy Password does not keep any personal data online, so you can feel a relief.

In addition, if you open suspicious page accidently, the system will not let the information about your ID or password to be relegated into wrong hands.

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