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Handy Password 4.9

May 27, 2011

Handy Password now has an ability to import passwords from FireFox and Internet Explorer to a secure Handy Password storage.

Handy Password 4.8 - Windows 7 compatible

September 16, 2010

Handy Password 4.8 now works as a password manager for Windows 7 - the latest and the most powerful operating system in Microsoft Windows family.

Handy Password Version 4.6

May 28, 2010

Web password manager Handy Password now works much more stable with Windows Vista operational system. Also, now our program multi-authorization: e.g. if you have a mailbox in a certain domain, you can easily take advantage of all services in this domain with your login and password.

Handy Password Version 4.5.6

March 22, 2010

Login manager for your favourite web browsers has been improved to the last version - 4.5.6. Now it can make your web surfing even more comfortable and carefree.

In the new version we managed to reach new level in stability: the interaction with any other Internet Explorer and Mozilla toolbar was debugged. Handy Password manager now can make form filling process more flexible and convenient: a form on the web page the card has been created for is automatically filled even if it in spite of its partial changing.

Handy Password Form Filler Version 4.5.4

October 01, 2009

Handy Password Form filler was successfully updated to the new version. In new 4.5.4 version, we successfully fixed several issues and made graphical user interface even more simple and effective.

Handy Password 4.5 - Flexible Password Recovery Software

January 29, 2009

Handy Password was enhanced with a new password recovery feature. It's designed to help restoring lost or forgotten password without the use of any additional services. As a powerful password recovery tool, it offers wide range of recovery parameters: you can set the length of forgotten password, you can create and use dictionaries of words that are included in lost password and set up other general recovery settings. Having all these features, Handy Password becomes even more efficient tool for password management!

Password Manager for Firefox 3 - the New 4.4 Version of Handy Password!

October 28, 2008

Handy Password manager was successfully updated to the new version. One of the main introduced features is support of the 3rd version of Mozilla Firefox. The program was enhanced with a very convenient Firefox 3 toolbar and was gain full integration with this one of the most popular web browsers. With this update the audience of Handy Password users becomes much wider and the program becomes one of the most efficient password managers for all types of Internet users.

Affordable Multi-User Password Protection with Handy Password 4.3

April 22, 2008

One of the best-seller password and identity organizers in the market - Handy Password by Novosoft LLC has been updated. The newly released version of Handy Password provides an advanced functionality that allows using the application to manage passwords and other confidential data in corporate networks. Handy Password 4.3 not only provides fully automated access to all internal network services, but completely protects the information needed to enter them. Now Handy Password represents a full-featured corporate security manager that delivers full set of high performance options to efficiently organize and secure corporate login information.

Handy Password is now available on USB flash drive!

July 17, 2007

The new functionality of Handy Password manager flash drive allows you to always keep Handy Password with you. No matter where you are going and which computer you are using, you can use Handy Password with all you databases. All you have to do is install the program to your USB flash drive and you can use it on any computer with the USB connection.

Handy Password 4.0.5 is now supported on Vista!

June 20, 2007

Vista is now supported for the Handy Password!
Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system is designed to give you better results in less time. You can save even more time using Handy Password software.
Handy Password 4.0.5 will help you to minimize your online time and save your money while you're running Vista!

Handy Password 4.0.4 has successfully passed software tests

June 15, 2007

We would like to inform you that our program has successfully passed 2 antivirus and antispyware tests.

Handy Password Databases Become Available from Any PC

January 19, 2007

Handy Password 4.0 presents principally new for such class of programs approach to managing user data. Due to its unique and extremely useful feature appeared in this release, the application now provides an opportunity to save its database, including logins, passwords, identities and offline information as well, to an e-mail server and get it accessible anytime and anywhere.
To start using the new “Save database on the e-mail address” option it is enough to enable it after an update or a new installation and specify an e-mail address to save the program database to. After that the application stores all user data to the specified account. In this way the user gets access to his data no matter on what computer he works. It’s enough to get Handy Password installed on this machine. The program will automatically log in to the e-mail box and import user database. While working on a computer the application uses this database to automatically log in to all previously visited sites, fill out web forms and save new information, but after the work is over the program related data will be swept from the machine, resaved to the e-mail box and ready to be used when needed.

Mozilla Firefox adherents will appreciate Handy Password

October 10, 2006

Novosoft's password manager and form filler Handy Password can now work not only with Internet Explorer, but with such well-liked web browser as Mozilla Firefox, as well. After installing the version 3.9 of Handy Password, just as with IE, the application features can be accessed either through system tray or Handy Password toolbar built in the browser. So Firefox users can also automatically fill in web forms of any complexity and keep their passwords fully protected. In addition they can take advantage of one more new option, unavailable in IE case, the matter concerns "Clear fields" item in the program context menu. By selecting this item the user assures cleaning all or a few of incorrectly filled form fields in a split of second, which is particularly useful when working with complex web forms.

Handy Password becomes more user friendly

July 24, 2006

Newly released version of the program - Handy Password 3.8.0 provides users the opportunity to run web search without entering the web page of the preferred search engine or downloading its toolbars. To use the needed server it is enough to choose it in the dropdown menu of the search box built in the Handy Password's toolbar. The number of search engines included in the list can vary, depending on the preferences of the user who can remove unused items and add new ones via the product web site.

Import passwords from IE with the help of Handy Password 3.7

June 21, 2006

Highly helpful feature "Import from Internet Explorer" promotes your data additional protection from this time. Owing to this function you can import passwords, logins and other information from the Internet Explorer cache to a protected Handy Password database and clear a cache. Apart from its usefulness this function plays a vital role in your data protection, because passwords caching in Internet Explorer pose a serious threat to your information security. Now when "Import from Internet Explorer" is stand guard over your data safety, all your information is under the reliable protection and it can't be stolen by any spy ware.

Novosoft presents Handy Password 3.6

June 09, 2006

On June 19, 2006 new version of Handy Password has been released. Now the program is brought to perfection - some errors are corrected and it contains all the features of previous releases, so users can manage their passwords much more effectively and securely.

New Handy Password 3.4 can save offline cards

January 10, 2006

Handy Password has been improved. Nowadays you can create cards with offline information. Emergency contact; calling cards; passport or voter registration data; social security card; product warranty; closing size; gift ideas for her or for him and a lot of other information can be kept in Handy Password 3.4. Users have an opportunity to save, search and print all offline cards they need. And more good-looking and usable interface gives you plesant time of working in Internet.
Moreover, Handy Password 3.4 presents fifteen free cards to any Internet user. If you want to save only 15 or less data-cards by this program you can use it absolutely free - just download Password manager.

Handy Password manager screenshots

Save Myspace login with Handy Password Yahoo login storage with Handy Password Hotmail login and password recovery and saving with Handy Password Bank of America Online Banking Sign in
More screenshots: automatic account login


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