How to Protect Email from Hackers

Hotmail it is the biggest free E-mail server in the world. There are more then 70 millions users. So it is a tempting site for hackers. About every month I find internet articles about new hotmail or yahoo hack. So I as every hotmail user want to know how to save his mailbox privacy. In this article I'll give you some advices which can help you to save your mailbox privacy.
Mostly hacker's methods connected with exposure users. Hacker send you E-mail letter with java script inside. This script takes your cookie's information, and sends it to the hacker. After that hacker log on to your account and ask for E-mail retrieve.

How average user can protect from this kind of hacking?
First of all you should to set up your browser. You should enable these functions:
  • Disable Script Debugging into the Internet Explorer
  • Check publisher certificate revocation

    These two options should help in such cases.
    Also you can set up your cookies not to save login and password information, it can be useful not only against such hackers scripts. This method will keep your mail from other people who can harm your privacy or your mail, for example children, roommate, neighbor and so on.

    How we can save our passwords?
    It is reasonable question becaurse we can't remember all the passwords for every account and using one password for different services is harmfull for us too.
    I can recommend you Handy Password Manager. It has 128bit encryption which is too difficult to broke. And you can don't worry about such scripts. Here you can download trial version and try. Download Password manager.

    But the hackers every day find new ways to broke Hotmail, Yahoo, Netscape mail and other mail servers. And these servers work days and nights to shut this "hacker's holes". So we (average users) must do maximum to save our E-mail and protect our privacy.

    Saving password screenshots: Hotmail login

  • Handy Password manager screenshots

    Save Myspace login with Handy Password Yahoo login storage with Handy Password Hotmail login and password recovery and saving with Handy Password Bank of America Online Banking Sign in
    More screenshots: automatic account login

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