Hotmail Sign In to Account Using Your Login: How to Deal With Hotmail Outlook Login?

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Hotmail sign up email is not available now. Hotmail stops all its services, and now it is a part of the Microsoft online service called Still, if you want to log into Hotmail email account, you can use your Hotmail login for entering Outlook, allowing the standard MSN sign in account regardless of using Outlook or Hotmail in the address.

Therefore, sign in to Hotmail now is still completely possible. However, any user who has an old account under Windows Hotmail login or planning to open a new account still have all functions and services available for Hotmail, now under the new online service. To create new Hotmail account for your email and Windows-related functions, just use for Hotmail sign up.

A Brief History of Hotmail Login Service

Hotmail was a first worldwide E-mail service. It was launched at mid-1996 in Mountain View, CA. The initial capacity of individual account was 2 Mb, and it was a first service which releases a user from dependences to local Email providers. Hotmail sign in feature uses Web interface for all user operations instead of specialized client software.

Hotmail sign up problems were worst exploits ever coming with Internet security. At 1999, some hackers opened that a password "eh" was a key to every single Hotmail login. A tidal wave of account cracking was overwhelmed Hotmail email boxes. Later in 2001, a script added to address in a Hotmail login web interface has a similar effect as the previous catastrophic exploit. Only about an early 2002 all these problems with Hotmail sign up were fixed by programmers.

By default, being free and worldwide available, Hotmail used as almost default "my email" for different registration, exchanging and other casual purposes. Later, Hotmail was a part of MSN Live!, and in this status Hotmail account turns up to a top item in the list of typical MSN user email addresses.

Hotmail as the Part of

At late 2012, Microsoft was decided to turn off MSN Live! services, as well as Hotmail, keeping all Hotmail sign in account available for further using. Hotmail is now a part of a new aggregator replacing an ancestor as a standard service from Microsoft.

Hotmail email login data, as well as Hotmail sign up availability for new users, are kept as a part of; so, typing "" as an address, you will be turned automatically to its successor′s page.

What to Be Done?

Now all Hotmail sinks to the depths of past. Hotmail login will never again guide you to Hotmail. Hotmail login page is lost. Hotmail is dead. Be resigned; try to live without it, using Hotmail email login with Outlook and do not trying to create new email account on Hotmail. We are sorry about it.

If You Are A Hotmail Login User

Hotmail email login is still possible for now. If you have an actual Hotmail sign in login, just go to and enter your E-mail address in an appropriate field. The address must be written in full form, e.g. "", to work properly. And more, when you wish to get a Hotmail sign in, you can register on this new Microsoft service using "" as a part of name of your Hotmail login.

As mentioned before, all the functionality provided by Hotmail sign up still available at service using Hotmail login data. Sign into Hotmail automatically is possible if you set up your Hotmail account as default for

If You Are Planning to Use Hotmail Account Login Functions

Just use with any Hotmail sign in account login, keeping its name intact and relaxing about consequences. All the functionality provided by Hotmail login email sign in still is fully available for you!

Alternatively, you can look at different Email aggregation services such as or, which have at least the same functionality as an old Hotmail account, and, perhaps, much more. The progress doesn′t stops. Move further with it!

If You Forget Your Hotmail Sign In Login or Password

Do not be afraid! Just use login and password restoration tool provided by for retrieving your Hotmail login account data.

Hotmail logins and passwords are still available as a Hotmail sign in tool. You may continue to use it operating with modern Microsoft Email services.

See also: Forgot Your Gmail Login or Password? - it is not so hard to deal with. You can easily solve this problem with a few steps.

Forgot your Hotmail password? - recover hotmail password and login to Hotmail with a single click.

Got Hotmail sign in problems? - solve them and login to Hotmail automatically.

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