Save Passwords, Login to Dating Sites Automatically

Finding the right person, your match, your soul mate, is now altogether at everyone’s fingertips via the Internet. Using a general search for “dating services” or “matchmaking”, you will indeed find tens of millions of results, whether your desire is to find a friend, or find a long term partner. It is likely to occur that you are more successful operating with several different matchmaking sites than just one. This carries a responsibility to fill out forms upon forms of personal information, every time you sign up to a new dating site. Additionally, you will have to maintain a long list of usernames, or at least, passwords for each site you frequent.

You, likely, are interested in maintaining a high degree of agreement between all of the forms you fill out, regarding your interests, occupation, attributes; these are not factors to confuse between different forms (unless that is your prerogative). As many of the information forms on these matchmaking sites are streamlined, especially regarding objective questions, you should not have to suffer filling out the same form, each time you open a new dating account.

Additionally, your matchmaking account is very important to you – you surely would not want another person to undermine your opportunity to find someone important. Likely you will try to password protect each dating account separately, giving you a large base of passwords to memorize – who wants to do that?

The software company Novosoft has released the program Handy Password manager, which allows users to save and submit passwords, as well as other personal information from a variety of different website formats. Handy Password users simply indicate which passwords and personal information to save, and Handy Password automatically keeps an encrypted copy of all of that user’s personal information. With the ease of one click, that same user can indicate how they want that specific information automatically entered into all similar databases. So, with the assistance of Handy Password manager, you can easily join dozens of matchmaking groups and not worry about how to maintain uniformity in your descriptions, or handling a large base of varied passwords and usernames. The convenient price and user friendly interface make Handy Password manager a great value for everyone!

Download Password manager to save your site logins and passwords to login to web sites automatically.

Handy Password manager screenshots

Save Myspace login with Handy Password Yahoo login storage with Handy Password Hotmail login and password recovery and saving with Handy Password Bank of America Online Banking Sign in
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Handy Password box
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