Handy Password Form Filler Version 4.5.4

October, 01, 2009 - Novosoft LLC released a new version 4.5.4 of Handy Password manager software. Handy Password is a multifunctional password manager with a multi-user password database, combined with a form filler and a bokmark manager. In new 4.5.4 version, developers successfully fixed several issues and made graphical user interface even more simple and effective:

  • Trial information window appearance was changed as well as starting instructions;
  • Password database creation is now correct when path is specified;
  • Last version 3.5 of Mozilla Firefox is now supported;
  • Generally, application achieved a new level of stability.

  • Handy Password is effective and reliable program to save great deal of time on web form filling. With Handy Password user can remember only one master-password to manage all other passwords in a simple and secure way and use auto fill forms to save time.

    Program offers such additional functions as built-in random password generator to create unbreakable passwords and allows user to save Internet Explorer favorites. Handy Password can work as a portable USB password keeper, to use passwords and bookmarks on any computer, and it is not necessary to install program on this PC.

    Novosoft LLC is one of the leading developers of backup software and software for data security worldwide. For more than 17 years, Novosoft LLC provides customers with high quality software. Such companies as Microsoft, IBM and Oracle are between company's partners.


    Secure password storage PASSWORD STORAGE
    Password manager for USB key PORTABLE PASSWORD MANAGER
    Form filler


    Autologin function of Handy Password Manager AUTOMATIC LOGIN
    IE toolbar, Firefox toolbar BROWSER TOOLBAR
    Random password generator RANDOM PASSWORD GENERATOR
    Login to site through it's bookmark BOOKMARK MANAGER
    Password security


    Online password storage ONLINE PASSWORD DATABASE
    Handy Password features MORE FEATURES...
    Handy Password box
    Download latest version

    Coming soon:

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    2. 2. [an error occurred while processing this directive]Autosave open pages
    3. 3. [an error occurred while processing this directive]Backup Handy Password
    4. 4. [an error occurred while processing this directive]Cleaning Traces

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