Search Bar in Handy Password manager 3.8

July 18, 2006 - Leading software developer Novosoft today officially announced the release of Handy Password 3.8, the newest version of its award winning software.

Handy Password 3.8 surpasses the preceding versions due to its new advanced features and enhancements making automatic web forms filling, saving users data and other routines more organized and easier then ever.

Handy Password 3.8 surpasses the preceding versions due to its new advanced features and enhancements making automatic web forms filling, saving users data and other routines more organized and easier then ever.

There are many different kinds of toolbars with various functions and opportunities. In spite of their usefulness, they overload computer screens, preventing users from performing important actions on their machines. That's why the ideal toolbar must be multifunctional.

Now Handy Password adherents may be satisfied, because they shouldn't install any additional separate search bar on their computers. So, along with its main functions like automatic filling out web forms and passwords protection, Handy Password is able to run web searches from this time. Having become a new interface element of the program toolbar, Search Bar has organically joined the application design and enabled users to make search process fast and simple.

It is difficult to imagine something easer than web search performing, nevertheless, Handy Password Search Bar makes this not complicated action more accessible. Instead of time consuming entering search engines pages, users just type the request in Search Bar. To use the needed server it is enough to choose it in the dropdown menu of the search box built-in the Handy Password toolbar. This makes search process more convenient as consumers do not need to load the server page but run Internet search engines by simple typing keywords in the box. The number of search engines included in the list can vary, depending on the preferences of the user who can remove unused items and add new ones via the product web site. Handy Password offers wide list of search engines including Amazon, eBay, Google and many others. After starting search, the results will be seen in the browser window at the server web-page.

Search Bar is a handy solution not only for those who often visit web search servers. Apart from being always at hand, Handy Password Search Bar takes care of users allowing them to save time and traffic, wasting on waiting for search engine web page opening. Taking into account that an average user spends from several seconds to minutes per a day on loading a needed web engine server, Handy Password Search Bar will considerably cut down these time and money expenses.

Handy Password 3.8 Feature Summary

  • Autosave Function
  • Automatic Login Function
  • Bookmark Manager
  • Search Bar in Handy Password Toolbar
  • Data Protection with Handy Password
  • Built-in Password Generator
  • Templates for storing information
  • Systematization of personal information into groups for easy data operating
  • Drag&drop function
  • Ability to use Handy Password for more than one account
  • Searching for saved information by keywords
  • Hot keyboard keys
  • Import from Internet Explorer

Pricing and Availability
Handy Password is currently available to download and purchase directly from Handy Password manager official web site, as well as through distributors and resellers around the world at fare price of $30.
Volume licensing and considerable discounts are also available. For more information you can email or call +1 (707) 703-1533, +7 (3833) 303 469.

About Company
Established in 1992, Novosoft LLC is a commercial developer of advanced software solutions Our longstanding working with the world's leading corporations and private customers has helped us to understand how the fast introduction of technology innovations can help people to meet their needs. We realize this experience in our products, which help thousands people all over the world to move their businesses to a new level, keep developing and face the future fearlessly.

Handy Password manager screenshots

Save Myspace login with Handy Password Yahoo login storage with Handy Password Hotmail login and password recovery and saving with Handy Password Bank of America Online Banking Sign in
More screenshots: automatic account login


Secure password storage PASSWORD STORAGE
Password manager for USB key PORTABLE PASSWORD MANAGER
Form filler


Autologin function of Handy Password Manager AUTOMATIC LOGIN
IE toolbar, Firefox toolbar BROWSER TOOLBAR
Random password generator RANDOM PASSWORD GENERATOR
Login to site through it's bookmark BOOKMARK MANAGER
Password security


Online password storage ONLINE PASSWORD DATABASE
Handy Password features MORE FEATURES...
Handy Password box
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