Mail Login: Sign in to Your Mail Service Automatically

One of the simplest and most pleasant things on the Internet is to be able to login to your mail service with a single click.

Creating Your E-mail Login Card

Go "File" --> "New Card:" or click New card. Choose "E-mail" card type and press "Create card". From the appeared list you can choose a custom e-mail service or select a defined one. In former case the last field, "URL", needs to be filled with the server URL. Supply your login and password and hit "Create Card":

Creating e-mail login card

If you wish to receive new e-mail account, choose a mail service from the list and press "Create E-Mail Account". The server's main page will be opened for you to register. After having registered you can complete the card creation by typing down the e-mail login and password as you defined.

The instructions to login automatically should be visible in the next window. After reading the instructions, hit "Done" to finish.

Successful creating e-mail login card

Ways to Login to Web Mail Automatically

  • The easiest way to login to your mail service automatically is to click on the bookmark of the e-mail card you have just created on the Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox toolbar. This way, you will be immediately taken to your mail account.
  • A more complex way is to press the "Handy Password" button on the Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox toolbar, hit "My Cards", choose your e-mail card and press the "Open" button.
  • Yet another way remains, which is to go to your mail service login page and hit the "Fill" button on the Handy Password Internet Explorer/Mozilla Firefox toolbar.

  • Download and install Login manager to sign-in to your mail with a single click.

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